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Weapon of choice

Edward J. Nixon

“Since Tom Dowd introduced the world to the linear fader, I can’t think of many true catalyst changes. 2400s removal of the rotary control has made my sound and most importantly my life better. I’m spending less time getting better results, and for that I’m eternally grateful”

GRAMMY® Award winning Engineer
J.U.S.T.I.C.E League

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Holger Lagerfeldt

“The most transparent monitor controller I’ve heard. A revolutionary re-thinking of the way a monitor controller works, ideally suited for mastering.

The best money I’ve spent on nothing!”

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Matthew Dekay

The simplicity of this device and the commitment you have to make to a set volume is genius, and has made me work harder as a mix engineer and therefore produce better results.

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Jesper Vestergaard

“The best thing about Imperium is probably its uncompromising design, which means that I hear exactly what comes from my sound card to my monitors without colouration. I love its expandability! One of my best buys, at a perfectly fair price!”

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Mårten Fredholm

“It makes my former… (Very well known high end monitor controller)… sound like a toy!”

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“With all the years of development in the Pro-audio industry it is a wonder that no one has never thought of this concept before,
2400 Audio is about to break the internet!!!”
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“I really like my Imperium 1 U ! The fact that it doesn’t color the sound at all is great to know when I listen to my mixes.

Also really love that whenever I start a new day in my studio, the level is locked to exactly the same amount, it makes it easy to have the same starting point every time . All in all very well implemented , great design and dead honest sound ! “

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Jan Pinnig

“I love my Imperium U1. For sure one of the most clean sounding monitor controllers out there, the audio transparency is really remarkable. The fixed level steps might sound like a restriction to some, but are in fact a great help in daily work here”

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Paw Lagermann – Infernal

“This machine makes me a better engineer – full stop.”

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George Tanderø

“Love it! The workflow is great, and it´s the closest I´ve heard to not having anything in-between my DAC and speakers. Prefer it to all other monitor controllers I´ve had”

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