”We just want to switch source, levels and monitors without compromise”
Back in 2013, the problem of having a proper, even decent sounding monitor controller at a reasonable price, was very much an issue (still is). The ongoing quest to not ruin the sound, while still being able to switch monitors etc., was something that went through our heads on a daily basis. At that point in time, our Danish dealer, needed a multi output balanced speaker switcher / controller for their showroom. We took on the task – and so 2400 Audio was born!
With purity, simplicity and quality in mind the first prototype was made – The Switch Bitch. A 2U controller with no physical buttons, controllable via a PS controller.

The first Imperium
This quickly evolved into to 10 new prototypes – The now Legend Imperium. The functionality on these were limited, but they had mechanical buttons and the sound quality was there… Or should we say, not there. The 10 unit were tested and sold – and very quickly loved by their owners for their purity and simple design.

1U vs 2U
We realised that this could be the basis for a new breed of monitor controllers, and so the 10 Legend Imperiums, were replaced by a new unit more suitable for mass production, the legacy Imperium. Still hand built in Denmark. This model was first produced in a 2U version which features vast expandability of in and outputs, great for some – but not for everyone. It did not feature direct access of levels and ins and outs. This was clearly and issue for some of our potential clients as well as the 2U size taking up too much space in the rack.
Hence we took a chance and made the 1U Imperium.
The 1U was mainly aimed at mix and mastering engineers, with our unique dial-less approach, stepped attenuation, and very slick workflow, if we may say so our selves. We had fantastic feedback from a few key engineers, who embraced Imperium with nothing but love. The same reason Imperium was born in the first place. The love for music – and making tools to make things easier and better.

  • The 2U legacy Imperium was produced from 2014 to 2022
  • The 1U legacy Imperium was produced from 2015 to 2022

The hardware remained the same, only the software got more and more advanced over the years.

mperium NG
This brings us to current time. Still 2022. Of course we have spent a lot of time trying to figure out, how we could improve the Imperium, without ruining the “sound” and maintaining all the functions, while adding more things that would be useful for our clients. This was our newest quest and it hasn’t been an easy one. But finally, we are ready to introduce the new Imperium NG.

Let the Legacy
 join the NG
We are super proud and excited to deliver this Next Generation of our beloved Imperium to the studio world.
As we are users our selves, we always try to have all our existing clients in mind when doing something new. So, creating the Imperium NG was a bit tricky for us, as we want to keep the existing Imperium units alive. You see, all Imperiums made from 2014 to 2022, can be upgraded to become an Imperium NG! How about that?!
This is something we strongly believe in – supporting the people who support us. So who are we? We are you, so thank you – 2400 Audio family.

Now make the music sound great!

Niels & Mark, 2400 Audio