Holger Lagerfeldt

“The most transparent monitor controller I’ve heard. A revolutionary re-thinking of the way a monitor controller works, ideally suited for mastering.

The best money I’ve spent on nothing!”


Holger Lagerfeldt

Holger is for sure one of the best mastering engineers around, his credit list is more than two decades of producing, writing and mixing international multiple platinum hits. In later years he has specialized in the art of mastering.
When it comes to mastering alone, his credit list is quite vast too. Too many to list here, but here are a few of them:
DJ Martin Jensen, Sean Paul, Hailee Steinfeld, Astrid S, RedOne, Sigala, Rhys, Nik & Jay, Infernal, Burhan G, Christopher, Gilli, Topgunn.

Weapon of choice

1U Custom Signature Edition – Stormtrooper White MUW w. Trinnov option and custom caps