Stereo monitor controller

Suggested retail price 885€ ex. VAT

Top Features

Analog, passive design

Fully balanced from input to output

Digitally controlled

All settings are fully programmable

New ultra resolution

Unprecedented level resolution in a stepped attenuation environment. Twice the resolution of the previous Imperium

Superior stereo tracking

Rock solid stereo image at all levels

8 configurable levels

You always listen to the exact same configurable levels


Access all features using TouchOSC on Mac/IOS/PC/Android using our Imperium layouts


8 Configurable levels

3 balanced inputs

3 balanced outputs

Parallel output


Polarity left CH



Level bypass

Level profiles

Imperium is a digital controlled passive stereo monitor console. The circuit is fully balanced from input to output. Since all audio processing is done 100% passively without any kind of transistors, op-amps, capacitors or converters, it gives you a full uncolored performance without noise floor or headroom limitation! Exactly what you need in a professional mixing and mastering environment.

Available colors



Available options

Mastering option

Add even more functionallity and workflow to the Imperium

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USB option card

With a USB upgrade you can control your Imperium from MAC/PC using TouchOSC and/or an Elgato StreamDeck.

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Custom caps

We stock over 50 different caps for the Imperium to choose from.

See the complete list here

Barefoot MEME option

Control the DSP modeling of your Barefoot monitors directly from the Imperium TouchOSC layout or StreamDeck.

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Access all Imperium functionalitites with TouchOSC, and get 15% discount on TouschOSC when purchasing an Imperium.

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WiFi option card

With the WiFi option card you can control your Imperium directly from a MAC/PC or iOS/Android device using TouchOSC.

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Trinnov option

Interface with Trinnov systems, and control your Trinnov presets directly from your Imperium front or TouchOSC layout.

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